Working materials for paper submitted to the Artificial Life journal

Tracking the Trajectories of Evolution

Mikhail S. Burtsev

Address: Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, 4 Miusskaya sq., Moscow RU-125047, Russia

E-mail: mbur@narod.ru

URL: http://www.keldysh.ru/pages/mrbur-web/


This paper proposes a method of visualizing and measuring evolution in Artificial Life simulations. The evolving population of agents is treated as a dynamical system. The proposed method is inspired by the notion of trajectory. This paper provides examples of tracking of trajectories of evolutionary system in the spaces of genotypes, strategies and some global characteristics. Visualization similar to bifurcation diagram is used to represent results of series of simulations.

Keywords: artificial life, evolution, dynamical system, trajectory

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