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KIAM Preprint  93, Moscow, 2006
Authors: Kozlov N.N., Bakharev M.G.
The mathematical analysis of one biological structure
Work is devoted to application of mathematical and computer methods for research of one biological structure. Statement of a problem is connected with the Theorem for structural genes or genes coding fibers (Kozlov N.N. DAN (Mathematics). 2007. V. 412. N 5. (in press)). From the Theorem follows that the full set of pairs for 20 amino acids - 400 pairs - forms almost equal two size of set. Use of codings in one of them can create for each gene plural blocking in all five sequences alternative to a gene. Other set cannot have any attitude to creation of blocking, and is used by the nature for the decision of other problems. One of them is connected with formation of secondary structure matrix - mRNA is a copy of a gene, copied from DNA. In work results of research of the specified problems for one of the most known such structures - mRNA MS2. Elements of secondary structure were investigated on the basis of the approach developed earlier during the mathematical analysis of overlapped genes. The lead analysis has shown, that set of pairs amino acids which are used with the nature for construction of secondary structure specified mRNA, contains pairs the first set that has received the explanation on the basis of the specified Theorem.
secondary structure, overlapping genes, genetic code, degenerated code, blocking of genes, mRNA MS2, 16S-rRNA
Publication language: russian, pages: 24
Research direction:
Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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